We here at Premier Prosthetics is offering a !!!DEAL!!! Details at the bottom

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Prosthodontic Technician

With 14 years experience in a prosthodontis office. CDT with 35 years of experience in laboratory procedures, including crown and bridge, dentures,and  digital dentistry.  

New 3Shape TRIOS scanning system Now Available at Premier Prosthetics

We promote 3Shape Trios intraoral scanners, and receive all digital scan files from other intraoral scanners.

About Weldon Bryant, Jr., CDT-AAS-MFT

Weldon Bryant Jr., Owner of Premier Prosthetics, believes in providing the utmost professionalism and quality to the dental technology field.  With over 35 years of comprehensive experience in prosthetics work, Weldon is a fully skilled craftsman in laboratory procedures for both oral and facial prosthetics.  He is certified by the National Board of Dental Prosthetics and is certified in crown, bridge and dental ceramics.


We here at Premier Prosthetics is offering a DEAL!!! For a limited time to NEW CLIENTS. For all full contour zirconia crowns, a small fee of $125.00 without models  from Trios, and 3M digital scans for now.  The lImited time is for 30 days, or until $3,500.00 is billed. After the 30 days, or $3,500.00 billed  is reached, then the Price will  revert back to the listed price. Any questions please feel free to call us.

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Digital Dentistry equipped to receive Trios, and 3M intraoral scans with superior results .

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